Dylan Martin


Bainbridge Island, WA


Linux, OpenBSD, Mac OSX, Win XP

Software & Services

Ansible, Apache, Bacula, Bind, CheckMK, Cisco IOS, Cobbler, ISC DHCP, Duplicity, Google Apps, Kickstart, KVM, libvirt, MoinMoin, Munin, MySQL, MySQL replication, Nagios, Nginx, ISC NTPd, OpenLDAP, PHP-FPM, Postfix, postgresql, Puppet, Qmail, racadm, RPM, rsync, Sendmail, ssh/scp/sftp, tcpdump, VMWare, Wordpress, WSGI, Xen


TCP/IP, iptables, packet filter, tcpdump, Cisco IOS, arp, bridging, ethernet, NAT



Systems Administrator / DevOps - Sweetlabs

(Dec. 2014 – Present)

Network Administrator - Seattle Central Community College

(Sept. 1999 – Dec. 2014)

Software Tester/Unix Admin - RealNetworks, Seattle WA

(April ‘99 to Sept '99 - Contract through RHI)

Desktop Publisher - WASSER Studios, Seattle WA

(April ‘98 to June '98 - Contract through WASSER)

Internship - Aspen Technology, Bothell WA

(Summer and Spring of ‘94 and Summer of '96)

Academic Projects - Western Washington University

(Fall ‘95 - Spring '98)


References available upon request